Congratulations COAST HP21 September Winner

HP21 LED Flashlight

HP21 LED Flashlight

If you’re like most people, you’ve bought at least one lottery ticket in your lifetime, even though you knew the odds of winning were stacked against you. Indeed, earlier this year, your chances of winning the Mega Millions lottery were about one in 175 million! In other words, you’re virtually guaranteed to come up empty-handed – and with a somewhat lighter wallet.

That’s why we recommend entering our monthly drawing for an HP21 LED flashlight. Given our much smaller pool of entrants, your chances of winning are far greater. Plus it’s free to enter, so all you really have to invest is the few seconds it takes to fill out our online entry form.

The HP21 LED flashlight is one of the handiest gadgets around. With a beam that can reach as far as 852 feet, it’s powerful enough to rival just about any other torch on the market. If you don’t need quite that much light, simply select the low setting via the HP21’s quick-cycle switch. You can also focus the light output of the HP21 LED flashlight by adjusting a rubber bezel ring; choose a scattered, broad floodlight or a sharp, focused beam with a bulls-eye spot in the center. This model is also highly energy efficient; it can run for 40.5 straight hours on the low-light setting.

This month’s winner of our HP21 LED flashlight drawing is Tom J. of Barnhart, MO. If you’d like to be entered into the hopper for next month’s drawing, take a moment to enter today!

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