Features and Benefits of the COAST Emergency Area Lights (EAL)

Model EAL5 Model EAL10  Model EAL15   Model EAL20

What type of emergency LED light do you keep on hand for when you find yourself in the dark? An LED emergency flashlight is always good to have at the ready, but in an extended emergency situation, a mere flashlight can be problematic when you’re trying to light up a room or perform a task. Fortunately, that’s where emergency area lights come in.

An emergency area light is a specialized type of LED lantern designed for versatility in emergency situations. Below is a look at our COAST Products line of emergency area lights (EAL).

EAL 5 LED lantern. The EAL 5 emergency LED light is perfect for your home or vehicle, as it has four different functions. Close the lantern to use it as an LED emergency flashlight. Open the flashlight to transform the torch into a small LED lantern. Use the red light for low-vision situations, or allow the light to flash if you need a rescue beacon.

EAL 10 LED lantern. Great for camping or roadside use, the EAL 10 is COAST’s compact LED lantern. With a height of barely 6 inches, the EAL 10 has four light modes: a solid red or white light, energy-saving light and flashing red emergency LED light. This lantern comes with a protective cage and a durable casing, so you can hang it from a tree or the open hood of your car without any worries.

EAL 15 LED lantern. The EAL 15 uses 24 high-quality white and red LED lights and comes with a built-in hanger. With a 50-hour run time and durable casing, the EAL 15 emergency area light is perfect for emergencies or recreational use, as it comes with four light modes.

EAL 20 LED lantern. The grand pappy of COAST’s emergency lanterns, the EAL 20 offers the convenience of four different light modes as well as Variable Light Technology – a dimmer switch that lets you choose the light level you need. With up to 80 hours of run time, the EAL 20 will last through your scary campfire stories, nighttime hunting trips or the late-night roadside tire change.

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