Coast Acquires Patent for New Pliers

2 LED Pro Pocket Pliers
Just when you thought pliers couldn’t get any more technologically advanced, Coast Knives and Tools comes along to change your mind.

This month, Coast announced its latest patent for a state-of-the-art pliers head design. The patent (Number 611,791, in case you want to check it out yourself) applies to Coast’s new LED Micro Pliers, LED Pocket Pliers and LED Pro Pocket Pliers.

The LED Micro Pliers are exactly what they sound like – compact, easy to use pliers with a powerful LED light in the handle as well as the patented pliers head design.

The LED Pocket Pliers feature spring-loaded handles for easy, one-hand operation; various screwdriver tips; a saw blade; and an LED light in the handle.

The LED Pro Pocket Pliers boast all the features of the Pocket Pliers with the added bonus of two LED lights, one at each end of the handle, as well as a full-size knife blade with partial serration.

This isn’t the first time Coast Knives and Tools has changed the world of LED multi-tools. Before this recent patent, Coast received a patent for its in-handle LED technology. Together, these patents have allowed Coast to develop some of the most technologically advanced LED multi-tools on the market today.

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