Cleaning Fish | The Right Knife For the Job

Seasoned fishermen know how important it is to get the right tools for the job at hand.  They know that you need the right hooks to catch specific fish in the waters you are fishing, you need the right line to reel them in, and you need the right knives for cleaning the catch when the day is done.

Using a hunting knife to clean your fish is going to be a messy and frustrating process that will cost you portions of the fish meat and ultimately less to bring home and brag about.  With the correct utensil and a little know-how you can clean a fish neatly.

Fishing knives are typically available through hunting and fishing online and store front retailers.  A well-equipped fisherman will have multiple knives to fit their specific purposes.  They knife they use to cut fishing lines will be different then the knife they use to gut and de-bone a fish.  A basic utility knife can do one job, while a specific fish fillet knife is needed for the other.  Take the time to find a good quality fishing knife before you go and you will have that much better of a trip.

Pictured:  C849CP Fillet Knife from Coast

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