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COAST Products Featured in Tool-Rank’s Editors Pick

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

COAST Rapid Response KnifeWe are proud to announce that COAST Products has received attention from another leading tool website. Recently, has featured our products in two separate articles – one suggesting items to include in an emergency kit, and another highlighting the Rapid Response knife as a Tool Rank Editor’s Pick.

In the emergency kit article, the author suggested using the Bosch Click & Go System as a housing for a 72-hour post-disaster kit. This emergency setup is intended to assist a family in the days just following a disaster, during the lull before federal emergency services kick in. As we saw with Superstorm Sandy, families often have to fend for themselves in this time period, and a 72-hour kit is a lifesaver in this situation. included four COAST products in the kit: the HP7 LED flashlight, the HL7 LED Headlamp, the Rapid Response knife, and the 2-LED Pro Pocket pliers.


Firefighter Names HP14 LED Flashlight a Winner

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Houston Firefighter in SmokeProfessional firefighter and blogger Mike Morales recently reviewed two COAST Products: the 3.0 version of our Rapid Response Knife and the HP14 professional use LED flashlight. He gave both items a positive review, but it was the HP14 that really won him over. “I love this flashlight,” he said.

Morales appreciates the ergonomic aspects of this torch, including its textured stock, handy weight and heavy-duty protective sheath with belt loop. He found the HP14 to be durable and “unbreakable, as advertised.”


HP14 LED Flashlight Passes Survival Bros Stress Test

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

HP14 LED Flashlight“The HP14 is solid, reliable, easy to use, and best of all, it’s a COAST Product, so you know it will never fail.” We were thrilled to read this concluding sentence rounding out a glowing review of our HP14 LED flashlight at the Survival Bros blog. Here are a few more highlights from the review:

Pros of the HP14 LED Flashlight, According to Survival Bros Review (more…)

LED Headlamp Comparison: COAST HL4 vs. HL7R

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

HL7R LED HeadlampFor those whose work involves peering into dark, tight spots, an LED headlamp is a crucial tool. Mechanics, home inspectors, firefighters and anyone else who needs hands-free light may be interested in the following comparison of two of our top LED headlamp models: the HL4 Dual Color LED headlamp and the HL7R Rechargeable Focusing Headlamp. Because we know it’s not always easy to wade through lengthy product descriptions, we’ve organized the basic facts about each LED headlamp in an easy-to-digest table. We’re hoping this will allow you to quickly compare them against your own needs. Alternatively, if you’re shopping for a loved one, this table can help you choose the best LED headlamp for a gift.


Holiday Gift Spotlight: Rapid Response Knives

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Rapid Response KnifeThe holidays are approaching at a dizzying speed! To help our readers find the best gifts for their family and friends, we’re featuring posts on different COAST products. Today, we review the advantages of our Rapid Response knives, along with the top reasons why a Rapid Response knife makes a great gift.

Benefits and Advantages of a Rapid Response Knife

Camping Life Says It Best: HP7 LED Flashlight ‘on the cutting edge of LED trends’

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Papa Tenting ItWith camping season in full gear, Camping Life magazine reviewed notable LED lights that could make excellent additions to your gear, and the COAST HP7 LED flashlight made the cut. The magazine proclaims that the HP7 is “on the cutting edge of LED trends in lighting options for consumers.”

Here’s a look at why Camping Life and other outdoor enthusiasts love this LED flashlight: (more…)

COAST Rapid Response Knife Reviewer Launches Book

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Rapid Response 3.00 knifeCongratulations to Scott Thompson, a “Hiking Trip Reports” writer and recent Rapid Response 3.00 knife reviewer! Thompson is now a published author and his first book, Young Men Shall See, is one that COAST fans might want to check out, as it’s already received glowing reviews.

The book is based in River Falls, Ga. (the author’s home state) in the 1980s. It follows Gus Ambrose and his friends as they navigate the old habits segregation caused and feel the push of a racially integrated world. As you read about the plights Gus and his friends face, you learn that evil can exist in even the most tranquil towns and cause emotions to run wild.


Professional Power Tool Guide Reviews the COAST LED Pro Pocket Multi-Tool [Video]

Friday, July 27th, 2012

COAST LED Pro Pocket Multi-ToolHaving a good multi-tool you can trust in your everyday carry is important for active, fix-it types. Eric Jopp, a blogger and power tool reviewer at “Tools in Action” recently praised the COAST LED Pro Pocket Pliers multi-tool for its quality design and handy features. He was especially impressed with the LED lights at each end, which provide illumination whether you’re using the multi-tool’s knife blade or pliers.

“Overall the tool is very nice and handy,” he said. “If you’re looking for an inexpensive knife that will give you the tools you need, this is hard to beat.” (Read the full review.)