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Go Glamping – a Look at Glamorous Camping

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

GlampingSome people are just natural MacGyvers. Send them into the woods with nothing but a compass and a multi tool, and within hours they’ll have a shelter built, a campfire blazing and a foraged meal cooking away.


4 Backpacking Super Foods

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Backpacking FoodEven on a relatively level trail, backpacking can be an exhausting adventure. It’s important to bring plenty of food to recharge your batteries while hiking. On an extended trip, a backpacker can burn 4,000-9,000 calories a day, which means your body will need a lot of fuel.

The best backpacking foods are compact, easy to prepare, dense in calories and can be eaten with a camping knife or multi-tool. Luckily, there are a number of lightweight, compact food items that still pack a caloric punch. The following are the top four trail foods that offer a high amount of calories per weight. Yum!


Green Camping and Hiking Tips for Earth Day

Thursday, April 21st, 2011


Earth Day is right around the corner – April 22, to be exact – and we here at Coast couldn’t be more excited. Our high-quality LED products use less energy and last longer than traditional incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs, which helps people reduce energy consumption on a day-to-day basis. This year, we want to focus on two of the most popular outdoor activities, camping and hiking, and the different ways you can enjoy these activities in a green, eco-friendly way using LED headlamps and other LED camping accessories.


March Outdoor Events Calendar

Monday, February 28th, 2011

The temperature may still be in the low 40s, but spring will be upon us before you know it. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the outdoor events calendar. This March, grab a jacket, leave the comfort of the indoors, and get back out into the wild. The following events are all great opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds to wake from their winter hibernations. Enjoy!Coast March Outdoor Events Calendar

What: The Bachelor Butte Dog Derby
When: Friday, March 4 – Sunday, March 6
Where: Wanoga Snow Park, near Sunriver, Oregon
Contact: Bino Fowler at
Described on the organization’s website as “a return to racing sled dogs”, this trophy race will take you through the beautiful Cascade Mountains and offers short, middle, and distance courses. Not a musher? Don’t worry! Spectators are encouraged to come cheer on the racers.


Rabies detected in Cave Junction foxes

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Southern Oregon continues to see an unusually high case of rabies in local fox populations, a press release from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife recently stated. Never approach a wild animal that exhibits any symptom of rabies.
According to the release, nine cases of rabid foxes have been reported in the Cave Junction area since the beginning of 2010. ODFW biologists and veterinarians have met to discuss concerns that this increase in rabies cases could be trouble for local pet populations.
Emilio DeBees, a public health veterinarian at the Oregon Health Authority, said that can be of significant concern for pet owners.
“In Oregon, dogs are required to be vaccinated against rabies,” he said. Cats are not, except in Multnomah County, but veterinarians strongly recommend they are also vaccinated.”
Rabies, a viral disease that attacks the nervous system of mammals, poses a low risk to humans. However, hunters, campers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts are still at risk of infection if they come across a rabid animal. Along with traditional hunting equipment, it is important to bring a first aid kit and an emergency communication device, such as a cell phone or radio, in case you need to call for help.
It is also important to be aware of what a rabid animal looks like. Rabies symptoms include lethargy, walking in circles, loss of muscular coordination, aggressiveness, excessive saliva, and a lack of fear around humans. That means if you see a rabid animal, don’t try to scare it off – not even shouting, blowing a whistle, or shining an LED flashlight at it will get rid of it.
The press release suggested the following actions for those living in an area with reported rabies cases:


WDFW begins Accepting Applications For ALEA Grants Next Month

Sunday, November 28th, 2010

Are you a hunting, fishing, or outdoor enthusiast? Do you live in the State of Washington? Do you get really excited about helping preserve your state’s amazing fish and wildlife? Well, then the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife wants to hear from you!

According to a press release, the WDFW will begin accepting grant applications on Dec. 1 for volunteer-based projects aimed at benefiting the state’s population of fish and wildlife. The grants will be funded by the Aquatic Land Enhancement Account and will provide reimbursement for volunteer projects that work towards the conservation of fish and wildlife or promote public enjoyment of the state’s native species. Both organizations and individuals are encouraged to apply.


Trackers Earth Teach Urbanites Wilderness Survival

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

If you think Portland is nothing more than a bunch of yuppies, you haven’t met the staff at Trackers Earth. Trackers Earth, formally Trackers NW, is an organization based in Portland, Ore., that is part outdoor education program, part wilderness survival program, part environmental activist group, and part sustainable living collective.

At Trackers Earth, kids learn valuable outdoor survival skills. - Picture courtesy of Trackers Earth

At Trackers Earth, kids learn valuable outdoor survival skills. - Picture courtesy of Trackers Earth


Watch Out For Hungry, Hungry Bears!

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010
Powerful LED lanterns can help keep bears at a distance.

Powerful LED lanterns can help keep bears at a distance.

No, it isn’t an episode of The Yogi Bear Show – this is for real! According to a story from the Associated Press,