5 Tips for Simple Campfire Meals

Cooking while camping can be a challenge, especially when space is limited. Fortunately, you don’t need to bring your entire kitchen with you in order to eat well at the campsite; generally, the right camping knives and multi-tools can supply most of the utensils you’ll need. The following are some suggestions for simplifying your campfire cooking so you can dine heartily without overstuffing your pack.

1. Plan your meals before you leave. When space is limited, every item has to count. Carefully plan out each meal and bring only what you need. If possible, pre-measure your ingredients into re-sealable bags, organize them by meal, and group items in color-coded stuff sacks.

2. Keep it simple. Bring versatile utensils and pans that can serve multiple purposes. Well-chosen multi-tools, camping knives and heavy-duty aluminum foil are your best friends. Plan meals that can be cooked using as few pans as possible, such as skillet meals.

3. Cook in advance. Cook your first night’s food ahead of time, and have it ready in a pan for reheating – you’ll want something fast and easy after setting up camp. It’s also a good idea to half-cook any meat, poultry or fish at home; pre-cooked meat lasts longer in the cooler and cooks up more quickly at the campsite.

4. Buy local produce. Instead of hauling fruits and veggies with you, buy them along the way so they stay fresh longer and don’t take up space in your cooler.

5. Be safe. Keep your camping knives sharp, and make sure your multi-tools have blade-locking features to avoid any injuries while preparing food.

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