Camping Gear: The Essentials

As I stare out the window this morning, taking in the gloriousness of a sunny day, I can’t help but feel like spring is here, and it’s time to break out the camping gear. Apparently, Marc Phillippe Babineau had the same thought — last week, he published an article entitled “Essential Tools for Camping”.

In his article, Babineau lists and describes a number of tools you shouldn’t leave home without. Among them are:

Folding Saw. Whether you’re making shelter or making fire, a reliable folding saw will come in handy.

Multi-tool. If your camping, hunting, fishing, or hiking, you’re sure to find a need for a multi-tool. With so many gears and gadgets, a quality multi-tool will prepare you for anything.

Multi-function Pocket Knife. This compact tool will not only provide you a sturdy blade but an ample selection of tools as well. A multi-function pocket knife is a perfect solution for nearly any emergency.

Babineau lists a few other tools like shovels, fishing equipment, and emergency gear; however, in a huge oversight, he fails to include one essential tool for camping: the LED light.

LED Light. Whether it’s an LED flashlight, headlamp, or lantern, having a reliable source of light is absolutely essential for your time in the outdoors. LED light technology has been proven far superior to conventional incandescent lights, so be sure to include one in your camping gear.

As spring blossoms during these next months, be preparing your equipment for adventure. Watch for more articles and tips from Coast as the camping season draws near.

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