Camping Essentials: The Light

Camping in different locations often means camping with different equipment.  As the climate changes, so do your needs.  Regardless of weather and temperature though, there’s always one thing you can count on: nightfall.

Never be without a reliable light.  Lantern, flashlight, headlamp–whatever–make sure you’ve got one.

As far as reliability is concerned, L.E.D. lights have proven to come out on top.  They boast an exponentially longer life and use less battery power.  Using less power means less chance of switching on your light and finding little or no beam left.


While lanterns and flashlights are the stereotypical camping lights of choice, I’d recommend the headlamp for two reasons:

1) Unlike a flashlight or lantern, the headlamp is hands-free everywhere.

2) There’s no pointing beams–everywhere you look, there’s light!

Darkness is inevitable no matter where you set-up camp.  Make sure you’re safe and prepared with a good light.

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