Camping 101

Camping is for everyone. And it’s easy. All you need is the right location, the right equipment, and the right attitude.


There are a number of places to camp in the U.S., and the predominantly best time to go is right now, during the summertime! Generally, public and private campgrounds offer developed campsites where you can pitch a tent or park an RV. These are great places for first-time campers.


Personally, I prefer the tent to the RV. Either way, you’ll need some form of shelter, and I recommend a tent for it’s simplicity and affordability. Don’t forget a sleeping bag and possibly an air mattress if you’re unaccustomed to sleeping on the ground. Don’t overlook what you’ll need to cook and prepare food. Consider the benefits of purchasing a cooler as well as a campstove. Finally, you’ll want reliable LED lights and lanterns for when the sun goes down.


Camping can be challenging, but if you approach it with a healthy perspective, it can be a most enjoyable experience. I’ve found as a general rule: the more, the merrier. As in, spending time away from the busy-ness of work and city-life with other people is extremely rewarding.

If you’re serious (or even if you’re not), use our resources here at Coast to help make your camping experiences positive and fun! Check out our camping articles on the main site as well as our camping posts here on the blog.

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