Buck Deer Attacks Hermiston Resident

Northwest buck deer can be extremely aggressive this time of year.

Northwest buck deer can be extremely aggressive this time of year.

You think Britney Spears gets angry when paparazzi take pictures of her? Well, she’s got nothing on fall buck deer in Oregon.

According to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, a buck deer attacked a local man after he got too close to the animal while taking pictures.

Quentin Hinds, a 49-year-old resident of Hermiston, Ore., was at an Army Corps of Engineers Wildlife Area near Umatilla on Oct. 21 when a buck mule attacked him. Hinds was bird watching below McNary Dam when he reportedly saw the buck deer and decided to shoot some pictures. Bad idea, according to ODFW Watershed District Manager Kevin Blakely:

“People should be very cautious this time of year around deer and never approach any wildlife,” said Blakely. “While there is a lot of interest in viewing deer at this time of year, people should always maintain a safe distance.”

Hinds was treated and released from a local hospital after the incident. Authorities are still looking for the deer, which will have to be put down.

The northwest fall hunting season is a prime time for deer encounters. According to the ODFW press release, it is also breeding season for the animals, meaning that buck deer will often exhibit very aggressive behavior as they try to run off potential competition for females. The best ways to avoid a run-in with an aggressive buck is to make your presence known when hiking, fishing, or camping, carry appropriate hunting gear while hunting, and never approach a buck if you see one.

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