Best Hunting Knife/LED Flashlight Pairs

The Coast LED Light Knife is a great tool to keep on you at all times.

The Coast LED Light Knife is a great tool to keep on you at all times.

If you’re an avid hunter, you probably have a pretty nice collection of both hunting knives and LED flashlights. When it comes to spending days on end outdoors, the two go hand in hand. While there is no magic combination of hunting knives and LED flashlights, some pairings work better together than others. The following are three pairings of hunting knives and LED lights that work so well together we just had to blog about it. Enjoy!

1. Damascus Skinner/Mini Tac Torch
There isn’t any good reason to be skinning an animal in the dark, but when pairing up hunting knives and flashlights based on size, weight, and handiness, these two are a perfect match. The Damascus is sturdy but great at detailed tasks (like skinning or filleting), and the Mini Tac Torch is powerful enough to provide great illumination without being too cumbersome.

2. Bowie/V2 6 Chip
When handling a heavy-duty, reliable knife like the Bowie, you want an equally reliable, heavy-duty LED flashlight like the V2 6 Chip. With 6 high intensity LEDs producing an 80 lumen output, this hunting knife/flashlight pairing is for real rough-and-tumble outdoor enthusiasts.

3. Light Knife
If you’re looking for perfect integration of light and knife, look to the handy Light Knife. Featuring a stainless steel drop point blade and a red LED light in the handle, this tool is perfect for small tasks that require high-powered LED illumination. Use the attached keyring to secure it to your belt or bag and never be without a light or a knife.

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