Benefits of Rechargeable LED Flashlights

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Our newest line of LED lighting – rechargeable flashlights – debuted at the 2012 AAPEX show and will soon be available to consumers! The A9R rechargeable penlight is ideal for inspections and includes a charging cap that plugs right into the wall. The A25R delivers about 420 lumens and boasts our Pure Beam focusing system, but the really innovative part of this LED emergency flashlight is its range of charging options. First, the A25R’s cap pops open to reveal a micro-USB port, which can connect to a wall socket, a USB charger or a DC power source (such as those found in automobiles). And that’s not all. The A25R can also be powered with AAA batteries or with a rechargeable lithium battery.

Here are a few of the benefits you’ll see by opting for a rechargeable LED flashlight:

1. Reliability. Just plug in your rechargeable LED flashlight when you get home and it will always be ready for work or play. Or, as with our A25R and A22R, keep 2 lithium batteries and switch in the charged one when the other is out of juice.

2. Sustainability. Assuming you recharge it with the USB, wall charger or DC options, your rechargeable LED emergency flashlight has a sustainability advantage, since you won’t require any disposable batteries. Just imagine the pile of batteries you’ll avoid dumping into landfills every year with rechargeable LED lighting!

3. Stellar performance. Just because it’s a rechargeable torch doesn’t mean it’s weak. The A25R produces 420 lumens and includes our Pure Beam focusing system, which allows you to switch from spotlight to floodlight. And our soon-to-be-available rechargeable HP21R will be capable of blasting 1,326 lumens.

4. Great for emergencies, thanks to flexible power options. As Hurricane Sandy victims quickly learned, it may not be easy to get power after a disaster. So it is best to choose a rechargeable flashlight like ours that gives you several options – USB, AC, DC, and rechargeable lithium batteries, as well as standard AA or AAA batteries.


[ Photo by: Steve A Johnson, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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