Battery Powered LED Lanterns Provide Safety, Long-Term Use

There are two types of camping lanterns out there: gas lanterns and battery powered lanterns such as LED lanterns. One style is not necessarily better than the other so much as each has its own specific benefits and uses that may appeal to one person more than another. When it comes to making a decision between the two options, it really comes down to safety and length of use

One of the main benefits to battery powered LED lanterns is that they are considered safer than gas powered lanterns. For example, battery powered lanterns do not get as hot as gas powered lanterns which greatly reduces the chances of getting accidentally burned. Additionally, LED lanterns are safer inside a car or tent because they are less of a fire hazard. As such, if your concerns center mostly on issues of safety concerns then gravitating towards battery powered lanterns may be the wisest choice.

Additionally, battery powered LED lanterns will last longer than a gas/propane powered lantern. LED bulbs last for thousands of hours of continual use. Depending on the tank size, lanterns will typically last for a hundred or so hours.  This is a significant difference, especially if you camp or hunt a lot and use your lantern frequently.

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