Barcelona: LED Billboards

The advantages of using LED technology abound and include uniform light distribution, low power consumption, and reduced maintenance requirements.  As a result, five large, lighted billboards have been installed at Barcelona’s airport in Spain.  Each billboard measures 3 x 4 meters (roughly 10 x 13 feet) and utilizes LEDs to produce backlight.  Traditionally, fluorescent tubes are used as backlight, but these lights have proved an inefficient system susceptible to shadows and dark spots, high-heat output,  and regular maintenance.

Photo: LEDs Magazine

Sakma, a local manufacturing company, was challenged with the task of developing a new way of backlighting traditional airport billboards that operated 24 hours per day, all year long.  Their solution was small, rectangular, LED-lit pads (see photo) that can be linked together to create a larger pad of any size and equal light distrubution with no spots or shadows.  The system requires only 4 centimeters  (1.5 inches) between the LED pads and advertisement transparency to produce optimal lighting.  This makes the overall size of the billboard display 10 centimeters (4 inches).  In addition to low power consumption, the system has a long lifetime and is virtually maintenance-free.

Read the full article at LEDs Magazine.

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