Backpacker Magazine Praises LED Lenser Micro Headlamp

The March 2010 issue of Backpacker Magazine featured a great review of Coast LED Lenser’s Micro Headlamp. Backpacker dubbed the LED headlamp “Lightest and Cheapest” of five headlamps tested.

According to, reviewers “hiked and camped through 78 inky nights from Whitney to Katahdin to evaluate five featherweight headlamps — then ran a battery of controlled tests to rank brightness and longevity.”

The Coast LED headlamp was a perfect fit for backpackers, campers, and hikers alike, receiving high marks for its efficiency, specifically its battery life and light weight. Here’s what reviewer Casey James had to say about the Micro Headlamp from Coast:

The long-lasting, super-efficient LED did nearly as well on a single AAA as others did with three, and the LED housing is smaller than a quarter, which makes it a no-brainer for ounce-counters…in the morning, the Lenser balls up smaller than a plum tomato.”

In addition to hiking and camping, Backpacker recommended the LED Lenser headlamp for jogging: “It is bright enough for street joggers, with a well-balanced fit and two rear-facing blue LEDs that let cars keep track of you.”

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