Associate Review: Coast HP7 Flashlight Converts a New Flashaholic

To help test out our new line of Coast LED flashlights and headlamps, we asked several of our associates to try them out and write up their thoughts. We’ll be sharing their honest reviews in a series of blog posts to help you decide on your next LED flashlight.

I love gadgets, any type of gadgets – multi-tools, mp3 players, kitchen utensils, you name it. However, I don’t find flashlights particularly exciting. Against the odds, I have found an LED flashlight that proved me wrong. The Coast HP7 is the flashlight that will revolutionize all flashlights. It is sleek, durable and versatile. Simply put, this flashlight is my new favorite gadget.

As far as looks goes, it is an attractive-looking flashlight with a titanium base and red accents. The carrying strap and storage case are of high quality. The belt loop on the case is heavy duty. The flashlight is bigger than I would carry in my handbag every day, but it would be great in the car for emergencies or in a day pack when going hiking or camping.

The LED light itself is extremely bright (207 lumens, which is a lot brighter than I expected from a fairly compact flashlight). The light is much brighter than my full-size Maglight flashlight and much easier to use because of its size, just 5.54 inches in length. The best feature of this LED flashlight is the focus beam. You can adjust the light to be more or less focused; this adds to the flashlight’s versatility. The beam can be locked into place at whichever setting you choose. Honestly, I am constantly looking for reasons to use it.


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