Associate Review: Coast A15 LED Flashlight Saves the Day at a Remote Cabin

To help test out our new line of Coast LED flashlights and headlamps, we asked several of our associates to try them out and write up their thoughts. We’ll be sharing their honest reviews in a series of blog posts to help you decide on your next LED flashlight.

I recently had the privilege of using Coast’s A15 LED flashlight for a weekend trip to a friend’s cabin up in a remote area in Washington. This cabin was very nice — a far cry from a rough outdoor adventure — but we definitely stumbled into several situations in which this LED flashlight came to our rescue.

When we first arrived, it was pitch black outside (no lights from neighboring houses or the street, as the area was quite remote), and this flashlight was able to guide us from the cars to the house and throughout the house until the lights were switched on. Some other outdoor work, such as dealing with water heaters, needed to be done upon our arrival. This flashlight not only produced a broad range of light for its size, but it also had a great focused spot beam for when you need to seek out and light up specific points. When strong winds sent trees and limbs falling down onto the electrical wires and we lost all power, the A15 LED flashlight became our sole source of light (apparently my comrades didn’t get the memo about bringing the proper tools to be prepared for any kind of situation). We would have been utterly lost without it.

This is just one instance in which the A15 flashlight came in handy. There are so many uses for this sleek LED flashlight. It’s compact, lightweight (just 5 ounces with the batteries), easy to clean, has strong broad and focused beams, is water resistant and is highly durable (this is coming from a very clumsy individual who drops everything at least three times). This stainless steel flashlight has a solid 3hour and 45 minute run time and has a 222-lumen output. Not only does the overall flashlight look nice, it also uses LED lighting, which makes it more efficient as it lasts longer than regular bulbs.

I was overall extremely pleased with the A15 LED flashlight. The only other comments I would make are that the broad light is not as bright and strong as the “Bulls-Eye Spot” beam. I think this is to be expected of such a petite flashlight, though. The only other item or accessory it could use is perhaps a wristband or some kind of material loop so you could connect it to your wrist while working (and if you dropped it, the flashlight would be connected to you and wouldn’t go far) or to clip it onto a bag to make it more easily accessible. Many of the other Coast flashlights have belt clips or carrying cases, I believe.


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