Associate Review: Coast A15 LED Flashlight Boasts a Penetrating Beam

To help test out our new line of Coast LED flashlights and headlamps, we asked several of our associates to try them out and write up their thoughts. We’ll be sharing their honest reviews in a series of blog posts to help you decide on your next LED flashlight.

The A15 is quite the flashlight. From working on my motorcycle after dark to walking the dog, it’s come in handy in a number of ways. The first time I used Coast’s LED flashlight model A15 was to change a motorcycle clutch. It’s got a pinpoint beam with a softer flood light surrounding it, which was perfect for removing the old clutch and correctly replacing it with the new. Plus, its compact design is perfect for its place in my motorcycle pack – whether stored under my seat or in my bag, I’ve gotten in the habit of taking it along. Not to mention its stainless steel casing is forgiving to grease-covered hands and isn’t phased when I inadvertently drop it.

I was also impressed with its beam distance. The packaging states that the maximum beam distance is 140 meters (459 feet), but it sure seemed more than that to me. I’ve used it to light my path when walking the dog late at night. With the coyotes in my area, I really appreciate both the beam distance as well as the spot beam with the flood light surrounding it.

With a 222-lumen output, I’ve got to say I’m not going to find much use for my other flashlights. If I had one feature I’d change, it would be to add a hook or some other accessory so I could hang the light up. But otherwise, the A15 is ideal for me and seems indestructible, which, believe it or not, I need in a flashlight.


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