All Adventurers: Be safe this hunting season

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) wants to remind outdoor enthusiasts to be safe this coming hunting season. With black bear season opening August 1 throughout most of the state, it’s important for hunters to remember they’re not the only ones taking advantage of everything nature has to offer in Washington — hikers, campers, and anglers are out there, too.

WDFW offers the following safety tips to adventurers this hunting season:

  • Wear brightly colored clothing: Make yourself visible by wearing bright colors, such as blaze orange. Avoid wearing earth-tones.
  • Make noise: Alert hunters to your presence by talking, singing, or whistling. If you hear someone shooting, let the hunters know you are in the area by raising your voice.
  • Remain alert, and never assume you are alone: Hikers, hunters, forest-product workers, and anglers may be present in remote areas.
  • Be aware of hunting seasons: Hunting seasons occur in Washington throughout the year, except June and July. The black bear season, which often draws thousands of hunters, is the first of several hunting seasons scheduled to open in the coming weeks.
While fatal hunting incidents involving non-hunters are rare, last August in Skagit County a hiker was shot and killed by a hunter who mistook her for a bear. That incident was the state’s first hunting-related fatality involving a non-hunter in at least a quarter-century. Hunters, in addition to practicing safety on the hunt, make sure you’re prepared with all the essential hunting equipment.
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