Adventurers: Make Some Noise!

Hikers, campers, and adventurers of all sorts, this message is for you: Make some noise!

Bonnie Way recently wrote a helpful reminder to those of us who adventure around wildlife. She writes hoping to instruct travelers how to avoid a bad experience with wildlife, particularly bears, as in coming between a mother and her cubs.

To begin, Way likens making noise in the outdoors to ringing a doorbell. In other words, you need to let animals know you’re┬ácoming into their home. She offers a few suggestions on how to appropriately “ring the bell:”

  1. Say something like “hello” at regular intervals.
  2. Sing.
  3. Talk.
  4. Whistle.
Ideally, travel in groups of three or more. Statistics show these groups are less likely to be attacked or injured. Way also recommends not using tiny bear bells, as the sound is more likely to attract curious wild animals than deter them.Finally, Way also warns joggers and cyclists to heed the same advice. The sports are quiet and can be just as easily invasive as hiking or camping.

Even though you may feel stupid or silly talking or singing to yourself, in the long run, it’s much more beneficial to put aside your self-consciousness than risk falling victim to an angry mother bear. Remember, being prepared isn’t just about having all the right equipment, but also having the right knowledge, attitude, and state of mind.

[photo: NoiseBrain]

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