LED Cathedral Lights up the Streets of Ghent, Belgium

Luminarie de Cagna #1Michelangelo, eat your heart out: The temporary LED Cathedral in Ghent, Belgium may not have a laboriously frescoed ceiling, but its dazzling 55,000 LED lights illuminate an entire street in a cacophony of color.

The giant colonnade, reaching a height of 91 feet at its peak, blends Romanesque and Renaissance architecture and is constructed of wood covered with thousands of LED lights. It’s the creation of Luminarie De Cagna – an Italian, family-owned lighting and illumination business established more than 80 years ago – for Ghent’s recent Light Festival. It was lit by joining LED lights together to make massive curtains, which were then draped over the structure.

Originally lit with oil and carbide lamps, the festival later switched to electric lighting and, in 2006, began using LED lights for all new creations. This year’s event featured about 30 exhibitions, including illuminated fields of flowers and a glowing phone booth aquarium; however, the LED Cathedral stole the show. Despite its brilliance, the cathedral uses only 20Kwh of electricity, thanks to the extreme efficiency of LED light bulbs!

[ Photo by: Alfred Elkerbout, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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