3 Reasons to Choose an LED Flashlight for Your Emergency Kit

Aerial photos of New Jersey coastline in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Hopefully, the devastation of Hurricane Sandy has made every American a little more aware of his or her level of emergency preparedness. If the “Frankenstorm” has inspired you to create or supplement your disaster readiness kit (or “bug out bag,” as it is known in some circles), we recommend including an LED flashlight for the following reasons:

1. LED flashlights are highly energy efficient.

Compared to traditional flashlights, LED flashlights can go longer between charges – a very good thing when power is out for long periods, as seen in Sandy’s aftermath. Edison’s incandescent bulb design heats a metal filament to create light, losing lots of energy as heat in the process. In contrast, LED bulbs create energy through electron transference across a semiconductor material – a highly efficient way to create light. As a result, many LED flashlights can run for days, not hours like traditional flashlights.

2. Strong, clear light.

The light that LED flashlights create is powerful – and much brighter than most incandescent flashlights. Some of our LED torches can deliver more than 1,000 lumens. For instance, our HP21 LED flashlight emits up to 1317 lumens. It’s strong enough to shine a distance of 852 feet – about the height of an 80-story building! Even our everyday LED flashlights shine significantly brighter than the average incandescent flashlight. In an emergency, a powerful flashlight is a necessity.

3. Durable.

Incandescent bulbs are fragile and break frequently. In contrast, LED light bulbs must be able to withstand 4-foot drops in order to pass regulatory standards. Most of our LED flashlights include unbreakable LEDs. LED flashlights will stand up to any rough-and-tumble disaster survivors may experience.

For all of these reasons, it is wise to include LED flashlights in your disaster readiness plans. When packing your 72-hour emergency kit, we suggest including one LED flashlight per family member.


[ Photo by: DVIDSHUB, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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