Three LED Lights Occupy Movement Participants Could Appreciate

Tent city in the occupied parkOccupy Wall Street began with a tent among the trees. Admittedly, the tent was surrounded by hundreds of others, and the trees were in Zuccotti Park, in the financial district, but the point remains: The people who are “occupying” Wall Street – and Portland – are living in the urban wild, with no connection to local power utilities for electrical needs such as lighting.

Whether participants in the Occupy movement realize it or not, portable LED light products – such as LED flashlights and lanterns – provide the perfect solution to their lack of power. Here’s why:

LED lantern.

Whether you’re huddling inside the tent for warmth or gathered in a group to plan the next day’s protest strategy, an LED lantern provides a reliable source of area light everyone can see by. Unlike a propane lantern, and LED lantern is flameless and burns cool, so it doesn’t pose a fire hazard to your tent or nearby trees.

LED flashlight.

We’re willing to bet the protesters who brought along regular incandescent flashlights are tearing through their batteries like nobody’s business. An LED flashlight is much more energy-efficient, which means it can run longer on a single set of batteries. This makes LED flashlights ideal for long-term use; they’re cost effective as well as better for the planet.

LED headlamp.

When you need to keep your hands free for working (or gesturing emphatically), an LED headlamp can save the day. An LED headlamp straps onto your forehead and directs a beam of bright light wherever you need it, which makes it perfect for lettering a last-minute protest sign the night before a big rally.

People often think of LED flashlights and other products in relation to wilderness use, but these devices are handy for navigating the urban jungle, as well.

[ photo by: Igal Koshevoy, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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