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What To Do With a 2,240-Foot Beam Distance: Uses for the HP314 LED Flashlight

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

COAST's HP314 LED FlashlightOur newest, longest-distance LED flashlight, the HP314, is capable of throwing light 2,240 feet—that’s nearly half a mile! Already, our Facebook buddies are calling this powerful torch the “throw king.” No doubt, many LED flashlight enthusiasts (“flashaholics,” if you will) would love to get their hands on an HP314 for no other reason than that it can shine so far—the length of seven and a half football fields! Or, another way to think about it, the HP314 can shine length of 22 blue whales laid end-to-end. Yes, those stats are worthy of bragging rights. But how might a person actually use such a long light beam? Here are three circumstances when a long beam distance would come in handy.

Search and Rescue. The farther you can see, the better it is for search and rescue. While looking for victims of natural disasters, police and firefighters prefer a long beam distance that can pick up details from far away. Also, if you’re looking for an LED flashlight to take on your next backpacking trip, the HP314 is a great choice—its incredible beam distance will help rescuers see your emergency signal that much faster.