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Emergency Lantern Comparison: COAST EAL10 vs. EAL15

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

COAST EAL10 LED Lantern and EAL15 LED Lantern“I don’t need no stinkin’ LED lantern! I already have an awesome LED flashlight!” If this is your attitude, think again. An LED flashlight is perfect for lighting your way around the campground or emergency shelter, but it doesn’t provide ideal light for changing out a tire or weathering a power outage. Emergency area lights – in the form of an LED lantern or two – are superior in these situations for several reasons.

First, an LED lantern is designed to hook overhead in your tent or stand solidly upright as you carry out emergency tasks. Second, our LED lanterns include flashing red emergency settings, perfect for alerting rescuers and rarely included in your average LED flashlight. Finally, LED lanterns are designed to shine light in all 360 degrees, while the beam of an LED flashlight is really meant to light a smaller area.