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Camping Life Says It Best: HP7 LED Flashlight ‘on the cutting edge of LED trends’

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Papa Tenting ItWith camping season in full gear, Camping Life magazine reviewed notable LED lights that could make excellent additions to your gear, and the COAST HP7 LED flashlight made the cut. The magazine proclaims that the HP7 is “on the cutting edge of LED trends in lighting options for consumers.”

Here’s a look at why Camping Life and other outdoor enthusiasts love this LED flashlight: (more…)

COAST Rapid Response Knife Reviewer Launches Book

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Rapid Response 3.00 knifeCongratulations to Scott Thompson, a “Hiking Trip Reports” writer and recent Rapid Response 3.00 knife reviewer! Thompson is now a published author and his first book, Young Men Shall See, is one that COAST fans might want to check out, as it’s already received glowing reviews.

The book is based in River Falls, Ga. (the author’s home state) in the 1980s. It follows Gus Ambrose and his friends as they navigate the old habits segregation caused and feel the push of a racially integrated world. As you read about the plights Gus and his friends face, you learn that evil can exist in even the most tranquil towns and cause emotions to run wild.


Professional Power Tool Guide Reviews the COAST LED Pro Pocket Multi-Tool [Video]

Friday, July 27th, 2012

COAST LED Pro Pocket Multi-ToolHaving a good multi-tool you can trust in your everyday carry is important for active, fix-it types. Eric Jopp, a blogger and power tool reviewer at “Tools in Action” recently praised the COAST LED Pro Pocket Pliers multi-tool for its quality design and handy features. He was especially impressed with the LED lights at each end, which provide illumination whether you’re using the multi-tool’s knife blade or pliers.

“Overall the tool is very nice and handy,” he said. “If you’re looking for an inexpensive knife that will give you the tools you need, this is hard to beat.” (Read the full review.)


Congratulations COAST HP21 June Winner

Friday, July 27th, 2012
HP21 LED Flashlight

HP21 LED Flashlight

Here at COAST Products, we extend our warm congratulations to David J. of Center, TX. They are the June 2012 winner of a COAST HP21 LED flashlight. It only took a few seconds for David to enter our monthly product drawing, and those couple moments were worth it.


Tactical Knives Magazine Gives COAST Rapid Response Knives a Review

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

COAST Products' Rapid Response 3.9-inch bladeIn the September 2012 issue of Tactical Knives magazine, Steven Dick reviews COAST’s Rapid Response Knives. Dick starts the review by giving a brief history of COAST (the same company that offers a multi-tool for every occasion, as well as the always-handy LED flashlight and LED headlamp) and states, “…it takes something special to impress me, but COAST has managed.”

In the article, Dick discusses the Blade Assist Technology (and Max-Lock blade locking system that knife maker Ron Lake integrated into our line of tactical knives. The reviewer has a bias toward larger every-day carry knives because of his larger hands, but he favored the Rapid Response 3.9-inch blade in his field tests. Incidentally, he found that even the knife with the 3-inch blade comfortably fit his hand. Elements of the 3.9-inch tactical knife that Dick appreciated include the texture of the checkered nylon on the handle; ambidextrous thumb studs; a reversible steel carry clip; and other features that both right- and left-handers will find helpful. In addition to tactical uses, the author suggests using the knife for cleaning fish, gardening, home improvement projects and self-defense.


HP7 LED Flashlight Gets Home Channel News Review

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

COAST Products HP7 LED flashlightHome Channel News recently featured the COAST Products HP7 a high-performance LED flashlight in its roundup about the 2012 National Hardware Show.

The newsletter highlights the following benefits of the HP7 LED flashlight: (more…)

COAST Products Most Popular Summer Camping Gear Information

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

Primitive Camping at New River Trail State ParkBefore you head out into the great outdoors for your next camping adventure, we’ve got tons of resources to help enrich your trip. From the hottest camping gear to the latest outdoor trends to safety tips and information, our blog is full of ideas and advice for campers. To help you find what you’re looking for, we’ve compiled the following digest, which highlights our most popular posts about summer camping:

Camping Lanterns: Propane vs. LED Battery. This article compares the LED lantern to its traditional propane counterpart in regards to safety, maintenance, efficiency, lifetime costs, energy concerns, brightness and durability.


What Makes a Good LED Flashlight [Infographic]

Monday, July 9th, 2012

Ever wondered what sets a quality LED flashlight apart from the rest? Hint: It’s not necessarily the lumens. The following graphic explores the key ingredient to a good LED beam – and how to spot one.