Why an LED Flashlight Can Be a Life Saver

Flashlights are generally used for small tasks, such as looking for something in a dark closet or finding your way around the basement during a power outage. However, there are moments when a flashlight can help save your life. For the everyday individual, these moments may be few and far between, but you will be thankful in the end that you had such a simple tool on hand. This is why it is important to always have a handful of flashlights readily available, either on your person or in your car or home. Listed below are some important features and situations regarding flashlights and emergencies to help you be prepared.

Quality matters

Despite what you might have heard, quality does matter, especially when it comes to purchasing LED flashlights. Those cheap plastic ones from the convenience store just won’t cut it. What you need is a durable, long lasting flashlight. Avoid cheap feeling flashlights; go for aluminum or stronger casing. Also, make sure to check a flashlight’s battery life. The longer the battery life the better. Lastly, LED flashlights are best—they offer much more illumination, longer beams of light and brightness clarity than standard flashlights do. In the case of an emergency, you will be glad you put quality first. The last thing you want is a flashlight that runs out of batteries quickly, breaks down easily (avoid plastic!), or barely illuminates beyond a few feet.


As recent events have shown, flashlights are crucial, during and after the event of an earthquake. The first thing to go during an earthquake is the power; hence, an LED flashlight is something you should always have packed in your earthquake emergency kit. If you or your loved ones become stuck inside your home or apartment building, finding your way out—or finding your neighbors, family, or pets—will require having multiple flashlights on hand. Another good thing to have on hand is an LED lantern. An LED lantern will provide a wide area of light, and some provide up to 100 hours of runtime on one set of batteries. Some LED lanterns also offer features such as white and red light settings and flashing settings. These features can help attract attention if you are stranded. Having some good LED flashlights and LED lanterns around in case of emergency can help you be found and keep you and your family calm until help arrives.


A more common emergency situation where an LED flashlight comes in handy is when you or your party becomes lost during a camping or hiking excursion. When nightfall sets in, finding your way back in the dark becomes a serious issue. Usually campers and hikers plan ahead and bring LED flashlights, but a poor quality flashlight won’t do you much good when you’re out in the wilderness. What you need in this case is maximum illumination and battery life. Thus, for your outdoor adventures, keep a durable, quality flashlight or two in your pack at all times. Or even better, bring a lantern—LED lanterns offer a wider range of brightness which will encompass your entire party.

Roadside emergencies

Usually when we think of a roadside emergency, we think of flares or hazard lights. LED flashlights, though, are even more useful. If your vehicle breaks down on the highway, especially at night, you can remind other drivers of your prescience with an extra bright flashlight. Pack one or two high Lumen flashlights in your trunk, that way you can illuminate both sides of your vehicle. LED flashlights are also helpful for inspecting under the hood – the direct beam of the LED light can help you narrow down a problem.

In most cases, emergencies are unexpected and leave us with little time to think or act. This is why it is always better to plan for multiple scenarios. LED lanterns and flashlights are powerful tools for emergencies precisely because of their general usefulness in a variety of situations. So plan ahead accordingly and include an LED flashlight or lantern as part of your emergency preparedness.

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