What are LED Emergency Lights

LED emergency lights are portable lights that you can use during a power outage or a major disaster. Examples include flashlights, torches or lanterns that you can use to light the darkness in the event of a power outage at your home or office. 

LED emergency lights are made with LED lights – a cool burning bulb that has a longer lifetime than a standard flashlight bulb does. Not only does this technology last longer, they also use less energy from your battery and are much brighter lights, which will help you see even in the darkest of scenarios. If you have already purchased LED emergency lights, there are a few things that you need to know about using them and storing them to ensure you get the most out of the product. 

For starters, when you are storing your LED lantern or flashlight, it is important that you store extra, fresh batteries with them. That way, if you find yourself suddenly in the dark, you won’t have to hunt around for batteries. You should not store your emergency light with the batteries in it – batteries can corrode and break down and leak into your flashlight rendering it inefficient. The best thing to do is store your LED emergency light with a package of batteries in the same case, or taped to the handle, so that the batteries are easy to find, even if it is very dark. Make sure that you put a note on your calendar every three months or so to change the battery package in your case, put the batteries in and make sure they are working or replace them if necessary. 

Store your LED emergency lights in a place that is easy to get to at all times – remember, it may be dark when you are in need of it.  Having it jammed in the junk drawer with sharp objects is not the best of places to keep your emergency equipment. It should be readily available to you at any time and under a number of difficult circumstances, so keep it somewhere easy to find, out of clutter, for easy reach. A few good places to keep your light would be near the front door or back door, hanging on a peg near a door or window, in the first aid kit that is somewhere safe and easy to reach, in your emergency kit if you have one, such as a backpack or bag that contains all your emergency equipment. No matter where you put it, your LED emergency light should be easy to find and simple to get to. 

Because they are portable, LED emergency lights can be used for a wide variety of scenarios. If your power goes out, you can use your emergency LED flashlight to find the fuse box and ensure that the power failure is not due to a blown fuse. Your fuse box is likely in some dark corner of your basement, and you will need a portable light in order to be able to see it and determine the issues. Subsequently, if you find yourself in the middle of a disaster, finding your way through dark places amidst rubble or destruction would be significantly more difficult and dangerous if you do not have an easy to use emergency light source, like an LED flashlight or hand torch to help guide you. 

Your LED lantern, flashlight and/or torch have other uses as well. Many people choose them for camping, caving and climbing. Once again, because the LED lights are so much brighter and use less energy, they are the number one choice for most campers, hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts. If there is an emergency while you are out in the wilderness, knowing that you have a dependable light with you will make the situation easier to bear. For campers, climbers, and cavers, the necessity of having bright lights that use less energy speak to the validity of the claims that are made by LED emergency light manufacturers – they really are the best for you to use in the case of any emergency situation arising. 

~Ben Anton, 2008

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