The Value of a Professional Hunting Light

A true professional grade hunting flashlight encompasses a lot of additional utility that traditional general-purpose flashlights simply cannot match. In fact no set of hunting gear is complete without a professional led flashlight.

There are several different dimensions in both design and construction where a professional grade hunting flashlight takes detours from the design and construction of traditional flashlights; these detours are profoundly important towards shaping the actual usefulness of the flashlight.

Professional grade hunting flashlights are constructed from the ground up to be much more durable than their traditional counterparts.  Everything from rugged metal housings, to water resistant seals is taken into account when designing the flashlight housing.  These professional grade hunting flashlights are designed to be used in nearly any weather condition so they have to hold up to the rigors of snow, mud, rain, and pretty much everything else that Mother Nature can throw at them.

The design of professional hunting flashlights are not limited only to their ruggedness, but also attuned towards the hunters’ ease of use.  Many metal flashlights have a texturized handle to promote a good grip, and some include a rubber jacket that covers the housing in order to ensure a lack of slippage.  Easy to use controls are also a mainstay of professional grade hunting flashlights as every hunter knows that sometimes you only have one hand to work your flashlight and therefore the flashlight must be easy to operate.

Flashlights designed to be used as hunting gear must also encompass various lights technologies. LED lights are the newest lighting technology that is taking the hunting gear world by storm.  LED lights offer much higher illumination ratings than traditional incandescent bulbs while at the same time being much more durable. They also have a much greater life bulb life expectancy.

LED lights also offer a higher degree of versatility for hunting gear flashlights because they are much smaller than incandescent bulbs. This means they can be implemented into smaller form factors thus opening up a wide range of application possibilities. For instance, it is possible to place a dimmer green or red LED bulb alongside an array of bright white bulbs in order to give the hunter the option to use a dimmer colored bulb to preserve night vision or bright white bulbs to flood an area with light. Additionally housing multiple LED lights inside the same flashlight allows for a much wider range of dimmable options giving the hunter as much versatility as possible.

One-handed options are traditionally very popular among serious hunters for the versatility and ease of use that they offer.  Most hunters find that they cannot use a light that requires two hands to operate because their second hand must be free to complete other tasks.  In the past this was a difficult situation to overcome because of the nature of the fluorescent bulbs that were used to power these hunting torches.  However because new hunting flashlights use LED lights in place of traditional incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, new ergonomic form factors can be created that allow the hunter to easily operate the light one handed without sacrificing any utility.

Hunting gear has come a long way in the last few years thanks to the introduction of LED lights.  Because of their small form factor, durability, and high light output potential, LED’s truly are revolutionizing the way that hunting flashlights and lamps are made.  Never before have hunters been able to get this degree of usability and durability from their hunting flashlights and lamps.  Everything from advanced light reflectors, to dimmable bulbs and night sight preserving colors have all come together to form LED flashlights and lamps specifically tailored to the needs of hunters and avid outdoorsman.

~ Ben Anton, 2008

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