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Spring Scouting: Get a Jump on Hunting Season

Friday, February 19th, 2010

coast hunting knifeIf you’re like most hunters, early spring is an exciting time for you. You’ve been waiting all winter to get back to the woods. Turkey and deer hunting seasons are so close you can almost taste them. But why wait until hunting seasons officially open, when pre-season scouting offers the perfect excuse to start your forest forays early?


Hunting Preparedness Tips from Midwest Hunters

Friday, November 13th, 2009

c1104-folding-hunting-knifeBelieve it or not, Midwest hunting seasons are already quickly coming and going. In some states, major hunting seasons like deer and elk are fast approaching and scheduled for only a few short days during the holiday season. As you can imagine, it’s especially important that Midwest hunters are ready and adequately prepared to take full advantage of their short and busy seasons. And that’s why, below, you’ll find a number of hunting preparedness tips from Midwest hunters to help hunters all over experience success during their own designated seasons.


Hunting Gear: What you should be Buying for the Season

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

p210610_puma-staghorn_folderAre you ready for hunting season? Summer is halfway over, and fall hunting is just around the corner with some deer seasons opening as early as mid-August and fowl seasons opening in September and October. Since it’s never too early to begin preparing and keeping an eye open for great deals on essential hunting gear, I’ve highlighted some crucial pieces of equipment below that will surely bring you success this coming season.