Rainy Day Activities For Outdoor Enthusiasts

Love to be outdoors, but it is raining outside? Don’t fret: there are a plethora of activities one can do in spite of the wet weather. Read on for some ideas.

Geocaching is a game played throughout the world. This high-tech treasure hunt uses a GPS device to locate items others have hidden outdoors for others to find and helps create awareness of the environment and local community.

Through Geocaching sites, one can notate an item one hid, get clues to find items, record benchmarks, and participate in activities with the international community.

Also known as table soccer or table football, foosball is an awesome game that any 2 to 4 players can play. Passing the mini-ball around also makes a great time to catch-up with friends or family.

If more than 4 people want to play, create a big championship foosball tournament with players going against each other, one-on-one. Narrow the players down by winner to end with the final foos-champ.

Rainy Day Walks or Hikes
The outside world is different when it rains. Rainy day walks or hikes are an experience, not just something to do. Birds love the moisture and sing about it; listen to new sounds. There are new smells in the air and the fog on the trail can be romantically mysterious. If a trail has a thick canopy of trees overhead, the rain can sometimes seem like a mist.

Imagine how great it would feel to get back home, take a warm shower after the chilly walk, and savor a bowl of thick stew.

Travel Somewhere New:
Save your money: travel via book, video, or internet. Have a dream spot you have always wanted to visit? Learn more about it when the weather is blustery and dreary.

The local library is a great resource to find not just travel books about outdoor adventure destinations, but also travel DVD’s. Many libraries now feature audio books one can download for free for a limited amount of time. This is great for those wanting to learn a new language or about a travel destination without having to hold a book in his or her hands.

Every state in the U.S. and country in the world has a website. Dream of Dubai? Visit their official tourist page. Craving Costa Rican beaches? Take a mini-visit on the World Wide Web.

Slacklining is a balance sport that is becoming more and more popular. This activity can be done indoors and out. Slacklining is a variation on tightrope walking, just that rope is not tight (hence: “slack…”).

When slacklining, one attaches a nylon rope between two, sturdy points. The rope does not have to be high up in the air; it can be just a couple of feet off the ground. It can also be adjusted to be more bouncy or taught.

Indoor Rock Climbing
Climbing indoor rock walls is a safe way to practice an extreme sport. Not only are there physical benefits to this sport, but also emotional ones as participants often feel a sense of accomplishment and confidence. Rock climbing also benefits a climber’s brain as they have to solve what move to make next, how not to fall, how to get up the wall, and how to get back down.

Indoor rock climbing walls have been made for all different levels of climbers and can be found in many gyms today. The great thing about this sport is that one does not need to have experience or upper body strength to try it out; but one will build this type of strength with more practice.

With a little thought and imagination, there are more than enough activities an outdoor enthusiast could do on a rainy day. If one is still stuck, call up a local outdoor sports equipment store and ask the associate what he or she would do on a rainy day.

~Flora Richards-Gustafson, 2009

Photo: The Mini-Tac Torch in red uses Coast Led Lenser’s Crystal Reflector Tube System to put out a high-quaity white beam of LED light. The 2.9 inch torch light has 76 hours of battery life.

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