New Knives from COAST Feature Double-Lock Technology

DX350COAST’s latest folding knives come with our patented Double-Lock technology, making them the perfect addition to the toolbox of every DIYer, professional retailer and distributer in the hardware and home improvement industry.

Our folding knife line includes:

  • DX350, with a 3.5-inch folding knife, steel support in the middle and G10 handle.
  • DX345, with a full-edge satin-finish blade, steel support in the middle and G10 handle.
  • DX321, featuring a partially serrated edge with a great hand grip.

Folding Knife Double-Lock Technology

COAST’s Double-Lock technology is a safety switch that works with the knife’s Liner-Lock to prevent accidental blade closing, adding a second level of safety. To use this feature, simply push the Double-Lock lever forward after unfolding the knife. To disengage the Double-Lock, just pull the lever back with your thumb. The Liner-Lock and Double-Lock features on our folding knives are so simple to use, you can open and close the blades with one hand.

COAST folding knives are built to last. They feature high-carbon stainless steel blades that are tough, sharp and corrosion-resistant. The open-frame design makes the knives lighter in weight and simple to clean. Plus, each knife is covered by COAST’s limited lifetime warranty.


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