New Generation of Rechargeable LED Flashlights from COAST on Display at National Hardware Show

HP7RWe recently displayed our latest rechargeable LED flashlights at the 2013 National Hardware Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The NHS is the premier opportunity for individuals in the housing and home improvement industries to come together discover new products, share ideas and spot upcoming trends. We regularly attend this convention, and it’s not unusual for us to win prizes for our innovative LED flashlights and other products.

COAST Rechargeable LED Flashlights

Our goal with our rechargeable flashlight line was to design a rechargeable flashlight that echoes the feature-rich and dependable offerings of our traditional LED flashlight models, which are beloved by builders, inspectors, remodelers, plumbers and electricians.

Our latest rechargeable models include:

  • HP7R: 201 lumens, 306-meter beam distance, run time of 7 hours, 45 minutes
  • HP5R: 181 lumens, 172-meter beam distance, run time of 3 hours, 40 minutes
  • A25R: 466 lumens, 171-meter beam distance, run time of 7 hours, 30 minutes
  • A22R: 241 lumens, 113-meter beam distance, run time of 3 hours, 30 minutes
  • A9R: 54 lumens, 24-meter beam distance, run time of 29 minutes

HP7R, HP5R, A25R and A22R Features

Our new rechargeable LED flashlights come with COAST’s exclusive Flex Charge Dual Power Rechargeable System and the Pro-Tek Charging Port. The micro USB charging port is in the tail cap, which you pop out to reveal. The flashlights come with rechargeable lithium batteries you can switch out for standard alkaline batteries.

The A25R and A22R come with COAST’s patented Pure Beam Focusing System. Our proprietary optics give you the brightest and purest light consistency across the entire beam, regardless of the beam mode you choose.

The Long Range Focusing Optic system in the HP7R and the HP5R offers the brightest and most intense X-Range Spot Beam  for long-distance use. At the same time, you still get a consistent circle of light when you use the Broad View Flood Beam.

The HP7R, HP5R, A25R and A22R come with Fingertip Speed Focus Control. This lets you focus the flashlight with your thumb or a finger by simply moving the front bezel. The exclusive Cyclone Heat Sink System decreases the buildup of heat in our LED flashlights, which increases their lifespan and maximizes light output.

About the A9R

Because of its slim design, the A9R professional penlight comes with a Pro-Flex Charging Cap. To charge this flashlight, you simply attach the cap to the light’s head and plug the other end into the wall. The A9R has a 3/8-inch diameter, 7-inch case and comes with a lithium polymer battery

COAST’s LED flashlights are rated according to ANSI/FL1 standards. They’re built to be unbreakable, impact-resistant and waterproof, and all are backed by COAST’s lifetime guarantee.

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