What Your Multi-Tool Says about You

Different Types of Multi-ToolsWhat type of multi-tool do you carry? And what might that tool say about your personality? You can tell a lot about a person by meditating on the products they choose to carry every day.

For example, a walk through a woman’s purse can be quite revealing. A dirty, broken mirror might signify that owner doesn’t give much thought to her personal appearance. Or it could indicate a lack of self-confidence. Similarly, we can tell you quite a bit about your approach to life by considering what type of multi-tool you own.

If your multi-tool’s most important feature is pliers:

You are extremely detail-oriented. You just can’t resist pulling out that last granny hair – and you’ll get it, even if takes half an hour. You are meticulous, analytical and possibly a bit lonely, as few people can live up to your expectations. Including yourself.

If you carry a folding fishing multi-tool:

People probably tell you that you’re laid back, relaxed, and easy to be around. You may even be aloof and quiet for long stretches. Sometimes it’s difficult for you to share your emotions with others. Most of the time, you relish solitude.

If you carry one of the world’s few tactical-grade multi-tools:

You may have a savior complex. You like to help people – so much, in fact, that you haven’t actually had much time to explore your inner landscape. You are always prepared, always on time and always dependable. You only accept the best from those around you.

If you carry a backcountry multi-tool containing only a few select functions:

You like to keep things simple. Good times, good company, good food, and good views – these are the things you live for. Landscapes call to you, and you feel most at home when you’re on the side of a mountain. Adventure is your middle name.

If your multi-tool has an LED light on it:

You are a gadget fanatic. You always have to have the latest dazzlingly designed tablet, laptop or music player. Due to your incessant focus on gathering more digital toys, your significant other might wonder whether you’re somehow stuck in childhood.

If you carry a micro tool box multi-tool:

You may have a helper complex. As the unofficial neighborhood handy man, people often invite you over for dinner, only to let slip halfway through the second course that there is a major plumbing or electrical emergency in the house. When it comes to helping others, you just can’t say no. And you do get pleasure out of creating or fixing things with your hands.

If your multi-tool includes a bit set:

You like to keep your options open. Sometimes, it may even be hard for you to make decisions. However, you do like to be prepared for anything.

If you have a retro Swiss Army multi-tool from the second World War:

And you are fond of telling people about its provenance, you are probably a hipster. You both enjoy finding unique objects and pretend not to care much for the material world. You tell people you shop at Goodwill and yet you always seem to be wearing an incredibly timely, trendy tee. Your multi-tool (like the rest of your possessions) is yet another example of how you like to show your uniqueness by displaying off what you own.

If your pocket bulges with an enormous multi-tool:

But none of your friends have actually ever noticed you using one of its many fancy functions, you are probably overcompensating. You brag about your life to cover up how insecure you actually feel inside.

Didn’t find your multi-tool? Or convinced that the author is making unfounded judgments? Yes, perhaps our exploration of the connection between multi-tools and a person’s demeanor has gone too far. One might even say that this entire exercise exemplified multi-tool-ism – the tendency to see people only by the multi-tools they happen to carry. Really, the make and model of your multi-tool isn’t all that important. What matters is how you use it.

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