LED Lights on Kite Mistaken for UFO

A UFO spotted in Vancouver, Wash., turned out to be a 7.5-foot-tall kite bearing hundreds of LED lights.

The UFO sighting – which occurred last month when several people reported seeing a large object in the sky that danced back and forth and emitted blasts of color – received media buzz as far away as Seattle, local news station KGW reported. Some people described the object as a flying saucer.

The object was actually a large LED kite a local resident had purchased in China. It’s made out of parachute fabric and has a wingspan of 13 feet. Its 480 colorful LED lights are battery-powered and flash in pre-programmed sequences that are controlled by a small onboard computer.

The kite’s owner said he flies it after nightfall simply for fun and never intended it as a UFO hoax. Such kites are fairly common in China, he added.

The kite’s LED lighting was spotted from so far away because, “today’s LEDs are stronger and brighter than many people realize,” especially if they haven’t yet upgraded to an LED flashlight, a Columbian news reporter said. Not only are LED flashlights more energy-efficient than their incandescent predecessors, but they can pump out a powerful, high-intensity beam.

The operator of the kite says he has already cleared its usage with the Federal Aviation Administration as well as the Vancouver police.

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