LED Lighting Ideas for Holiday Entertaining

ledchristmaslightsWhen hosting a holiday gathering at your home, lighting is an easily overlooked detail, but it shouldn’t be! The lighting you use can be one of the most important details in setting the mood you want for your gathering. LED lights, which are more energy-efficient, longer lasting and cool to the touch (reducing the risk of fire) are a far more attractive option than the incandescent lights of yesteryear. Because of the benefits of LED lighting, there has been an increase in demand, and there are now numerous types of LED light available for purchase: LED light ropes, submersible lights and even traditional holiday lights made with LED bulbs in various colors and sizes.

Now you may be asking, “Why wouldn’t I use the lighting already in my home?” This is a fair question, and you certainly can utilize your existing lighting options if you choose. Except holiday gatherings are usually special occasions, and you may want to showcase your home differently than you do on a daily basis. Using ambient or subtler lighting can help create a more comfortable, welcoming environment for your guests. Here are some suggestions for creating the perfectly lit party space:

Multi-Color LED Light Strings

Colorful light strings can brighten certain spots and add splashes of color around your home or party space. String the lights around doorways; around a mantle, fireplace or built-ins; or through large houseplants to create a fun atmosphere. For a bit more money, you can purchase LED light strings equipped with effects such as twinkling, chasing or fading in and out – all good ways to add excitement to your party space. If you have an electrical outlet connected to a dimmer switch, you can control the brightness of the lights.

Submersible LED Lights

Submersible LED lights, which are battery-operated, can be dropped into flower vases, water features or centerpieces to create an interesting (and unusual) light source. Adding individual LED lights throughout your yard or entryway will help guide your guests in from the street or parking area.

LED Light Ropes

To create a more intimate glow around your party space, LED light ropes can be extremely useful in tight spaces. They are available in the traditional round style or in a flat style, which can be installed pretty much anywhere. LED light ropes don’t have external bulbs; instead they have smaller bulbs, which create a more ambient light source than strings of LED lights. Try light ropes positioned atop crown moldings or in the corners of the walls to replace overhead lights. Similarly, you can install light ropes around baseboards for an upward radiance. You could even use specific colors of LED light ropes to enhance the color of your walls. Use ropes to outline stairways or walkways for your guests. If you decide to keep your usual home lighting low, this will ensure guests stay safe while also providing a gentle glimmer to the space. Another benefit of LED lighting over incandescent lights is that with the lower amounts of energy used, you can connect more strings together without as much risk of blown fuses.

LED Lanterns

If you are utilizing an outdoor space for your party, there are even battery-powered or solar-powered LED lanterns available. LED lanterns have become increasing popular for use as outdoor and indoor lighting, and are available in many colors, patterns and sizes. Before you buy, check to see if the lantern is waterproof and safe for the outdoors. Lanterns can be hung from pretty much anywhere and add wonderful shine and interest to any space. Smaller LED lanterns can be purchased in strung sets, which you can use to frame an undefined space or add color to fences, deck railings and even trees. Large lanterns can be hung from high ceilings to add a warm glow and highlight an otherwise unused space.

These are just a few ideas, but as you can see, party lighting options span as far as your imagination can go! With LED lighting, you have higher-quality choices to help you create exactly the mood and setting you want for your next holiday gathering.

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