5 Unexpected Uses for LED Headlamps

Even if you are not the outdoorsy type, LED headlamps are more useful than you may think. Unlike a flashlight, a headlamp gives you the ability to complete tasks hands-free, which is advantageous for several tasks. If you do any of the following activities, an LED headlamp can help make your life easier:

  1. Walking or Riding a Bicycle
  2. Whether you walk or ride a bike to commute to work, for recreation or for exercise, an LED headlamp will illuminate your path and make you visible to traffic. Road conditions are not always perfect and it can be hard to see before the sun rises, in the evening or in overcast conditions. LED headlamps can prevent users from walking or riding into a pothole, tripping on railroad tracks or running into debris in their path. Additionally, drivers who are not aware of their surroundings may not see you walking or riding a bike near them. With the use of reflective clothing and a headlamp, you will be hard to miss. Consider looking at a headlamp that has a bright light for the front of your head and one for the back of your head that uses blue or red LED lights.

  3. Home Repair
  4. Sometimes, a home repair task is quick and easy. Most of time, however, you end up crouched, bent over, or are lying on the ground looking into a dark space. Holding a traditional flashlight in this situation is neither easy nor practical, and it can be hard to have another person hold the light just right or stay enthusiastic about the task. LED headlamps give you the ability to aim the light where you need it and adjust the width of the beam while you maintain the use of both hands. This type of headlamp stays cool because of the LED technology and is lightweight, so you do not have to worry about straining your neck.

  5. Home Organization
  6. Not all areas of the home have the ideal lighting conditions, like attics, closets and garages. This is especially true at night or on overcast days if natural light helps illuminate a room. LED headlamps are great for home organization because they allow you to see in to the back of dark closets and oddly placed cabinets. Additionally, you can organize your garage and attic without needing to use an extra lamp, which can uncomfortably heat the area.

  7. Kitchen Tasks and Cooking
  8. Bad overhead lighting in a kitchen can leave your dishes not-so-spotless and your meals ill prepared. If you do not have a light over your kitchen sink, it is easy to miss oil residue, lipstick and food particles left on hand-washed dishes. Using an LED headlamp as you wash the dishes can help you catch anything left behind before a dinner guest does.

    Likewise, an LED headlamp is handy to have when you’re preparing food in poorly lit areas, such as a nighttime backyard barbeque or using a stovetop that does not have an overhead light. A headlamp can help you tell when your food is done, so it doesn’t end up undercooked, too hard or raw.

  9. Nighttime Reading

While reading in bed is a seemingly low-impact task, LED headlamps for your family members can help cut back on battery purchases for flashlights, light bulb purchases for nightlights and lost sleep for spouses. LED headlamps provide up to 16 hours of light and do not pose a fire hazard if accidentally left on while in bed. A headlamp that allows you to use a narrow beam does not disturb sleeping partners or college roommates because you are not using a lamp that lights-up the whole room. An added benefit of using an LED headlamp to read, when compared to a flashlight, is that you can hold your book with both hands and read in the position most comfortable for you.

LED headlamps are not always a substitution for flashlights or other light sources in all situations. However, an investment in one will serve more than just your camping and outdoor needs.

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