How an LED Can Save Your Life

I’ll be the first to admit that when I consider the possibility of facing a life-threatening situation, an LED flashlight isn’t the first thing that pops into my head. Instead, I think of things like a fire, first-aid kit, cell phone, or — if things look really bad — Chuck Norris. After reading a few testimonials from Coast and considering the following scenarios, however, I began to see how extremely valuable an LED flashlight can be.


Robert, a law enforcement official, submitted the following account of his real-life encounter with a potentially disastrous situation. While hiking in New Hampshire with his son’s Boy Scout troop consisting of 13 boys and 3 leaders, their two-hour hike quickly turned dangerous as a result of unforeseen delays and obstacles. The sun set, the temperature dropped, and snow began to fall. The trail was soon lost as markers were covered by the rising snow. Everyone was cold, tired, and wet. They began retracing their steps and found shelter from the increasingly worsening elements in the form of a cabin. Fortunately, the LED flashlight that Robert had pocketed almost as an afterthought helped lead the way to safety by illuminating footprints in the snow. Robert wryly remembers: “One of the adults lugged a 3 D-cell light up the hill only to find out it was dead.”

Search and Rescue

In addition to getting lost, sometimes travelers get injured or fall victim to an unforeseeable act of nature like an avalanche, earthquake, or inclement weather. In these instances, especially when you’re in remote wilderness, search and rescue can be difficult. Even if you’ve taken the appropriate precautions of leaving your intended route and estimated times of departure and return with someone, nature can easily sway you from an intended course. For search and rescue teams operating during the dark night hours, having an LED bright light with you could help speed up the process of receiving aid. Furthermore, if you’re immobilized without the ability to create a signal or move to safety, an LED flashlight is exactly the tool you’ll need on hand to save your life by alerting search and rescue workers where you are located.

Home Invasion

It’s just after two o’clock in the morning. Your spouse is in bed next to you, your children down the hall in their bedrooms. Suddenly, your eyes open wide, and you’re fully awake. You’ve heard something unfamiliar. You sit straight up in bed and realize that someone is in your home. What are you going to do?

Chad, a young man from Virginia, had a similar experience to the one described above. One night, he rushed to the aid of his mother-in-law who suspected an intruder in her home. Armed with only a small (but bright) LED flashlight, Chad was confident to enter the home and search the premises. Thankfully, Chad didn’t find an intruder or evidence of one. Even if he had encountered someone, he remarked that the sheer brightness of the LED beam alone would have hurt worse than a club!

If you’re a homeowner, take a tip from Damon, another LED tactical torch success story, and keep an LED flashlight on your nightstand for self-defense. In the dark of night, you’re going to want all the brightness an LED light can offer — it’s just the instrument you’ll need to protect your family and ward off intruders.

Parachute Problems

George, a former U.S. paratrooper, was participating in an airborne training exercise. Upon landing, after completing a routine jump, his chute re-inflated and proceeded to drag him down the drop zone at a very rapid and increasing speed. Thankfully, though, George was carrying an LED keychain light and knife combo. Using the knife, George cut away one of the riser straps in order to collapse the parachute and save his life. George’s little LED keychain light, mainly used for finding his car on a dark night, saved his life because of one brilliant innovation. This final scenario, admittedly, is one most people are not likely to encounter, but this true tale is compelling nonetheless, and perhaps, applicable to more than just parachutes.

An LED flashlight is a life-saving tool. And whether you’re an avid adventurer, homeowner, or even a paratrooper, an LED tactical torch will bring you comfort and aid if you should find yourself in a life-threatening situation. The hope is, of course, to prepare in order to avoid such experiences, and part of that preparation should include an LED bright light from Coast.

~Richard McNeal, 2009

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