Five Hands-Free LED Light Solutions

LED flashlights are quickly becoming the standard for both indoor and outdoor situations. They are energy efficient, offer powerful luminosity, and last a long time. Unfortunately, not every activity or project you are involved in allows you to use a hand-held LED light. If your hands are tied up with your latest project or adventure, there’s no need to worry about being left in the dark – hands-free LED lights come in a wide variety of styles and functions.

Whether you are a hunter, angler, camper or carpenter, there are plenty of hands-free LED light solutions available to meet your needs. Here’s a look at five invaluable hands-free LED lights and how you can get the most out of them.

1.  Zipper Pull with LED Light

This light is the most basic, compact LED product Coast has to offer. Most often used by hunters and anglers, the LED Zipper Pull attaches easily to a vest or coat and features three high-quality white LED beams. The zipper pull light lasts for up to 100,000 hours, so you know you’ll be getting your money’s worth. It also features a built-in Fahrenheit thermometer as well as an easy-to-read compass, making this powerful little light a versatile survival tool for your arsenal.

2. Basic LED Clip Light

Clip lights have been around for years and have many different uses. The Coast Clip Light features a high-quality, five lumen LED output and is compact enough to fit just about anywhere. The included alligator clip makes it easy to attach this LED to a tool box, car hood, shelving unit, tent flap or anywhere you need powerful, focused light. The 2.2 inch light runs on three AG13 batteries and lasts for up to 72 hours. Most basic clip lights are a dime a dozen, but the Coast Clip Light offers the luminosity and durability you need for the most rugged situations.

3. Personal LED Lantern

Not all hands-free LED lights are tiny. The Coast Personal LED Lantern was designed to illuminate a larger workspace while still being compact and energy-efficient. This basic LED lantern boasts a 45 lumen output that can last for up to nine hours on only four AA batteries. The lantern casing is waterproof and shatterproof and stands only six inches tall. Perfect for workplaces, camping and emergency situations, the personal LED lantern is safer than a propane one and doesn’t require matches or tanks. The dimmer switch allows you to adjust the luminosity, saving you money by extending the battery life.

4. H5 Focusing Headlamp

This little LED number is both fun and functional. Most LED headlamps offer either a broad flood beam or a focused spot one, but the Coast H5 offers both. The unique lens and reflector system in this LED headlamp offers seamless transitions from a broad, circular flood beam to a sharp spot beam. The elastic bands and front switch make it easy to use as well as comfortable. It requires only three AAA batteries and lasts up to 35 hours, an amazing feature considering its powerful 26.8 lumen output. Other headlamps can be heavy and uncomfortable, but the Coast H5 Focusing Headlamp is compact, powerful, and offers a great bang for your buck.

5. LED Pro Pocket Pliers

Probably the most innovative hands-free LED light solution on the market today, the Coast LED Pro Pocket Pliers combine the usefulness of a multi-tool with the powerful luminosity of an LED light. These LED pocket pliers are the latest technology from Coast and boast two LED lights on the handle – one on the back and one on the front. The full-sized knife blade is partially serrated and the pliers head is spring loaded for easy one-hand use. The LED lights require only two CR1616 batteries and last for up to 15 hours. The tool also features scissors, small and medium slotted screwdriver tips, a Phillips screwdriver tip and a cap lifter. Closed, the LED Pro Pocket Pliers measure only four inches long.

The next time you need a powerful light source but a flashlight just won’t do, one of these hands-free LED light solutions may be just what you need.

~Ben Nystrom, 2010

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  1. kerry perkins says:

    I have owned many led lights and work lights but have found none to compare to your focusing headlamp with dimming feature. Wished the wiring was heavier duty.

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