Fishing Equipment Must Haves

Like any hobby, fishing has many available tools that can make the experience more enjoyable and more productive. One of the most rewarding truths about fishing is that you can get started, and potentially catch just as many, with an inexpensive reel and a container of bait. But once the love of fishing takes hold, additional equipment will start to become more and more important to your success. 

By taking the time to choose quality equipment initially, you can ensure that your equipment will hold up to the abuse intense and frequent fishing can put on it. While there are a variety of tools and gadgets you may eventually want to purchase, to start out there are three items that are considered initial must-haves for the tackle box.

Fishing Lights
While fishing and camping do not necessarily go hand in hand, putting a light in your tackle box is a smart thing to do. LED flashlights make a wonderful choice for fishermen for several reasons. The light from an LED flashlight is bright and clear. The LED bulbs are several times longer lasting than a traditional flashlight and they can run on one set of batteries for hundreds of hours longer than any other. This means that you are unlikely to face a situation where you have a dead flashlight.

In addition to or instead of an LED flashlight you may want to consider the purchase of an LED headlamp. While a flashlight is beneficial for getting to and from your spot or the water, when it comes time to get your fishing pole ready for action, you really want to have the use of both of your hands. An LED headlamp allows you to have your hands free while still directing light exactly where you need it.

The Right Knife
Choosing the right fishing knife can make the difference between an easy fish cleaning experience and one that is very unpleasant and messy. A sharp fillet knife, with a flexible blade makes the best choice. Choose a fillet knife with a locking or fixed blade for the safest experience. Other differences to consider with fillet knives include the length of the blade, whether it is serrated, and the feel of the handle.

Fishing Pliers
Fishing pliers are used for a variety of jobs. The most basic fishing pliers can be used to attach weights to your line, remove hooks and cut through wires. On the more sophisticated end, a fishing multi-tool offers all the benefits of a pair of fishing pliers as well as scissors, bit sockets, knife blades and a many other options. Fishing multi-tools can also be folded for easier packing and some have a ring that allows them to be worn from the belt loop or fishing vest.

The Best Tools for the Job
To some extent, choosing the right equipment for the job comes down to personal preference. Some people use fishing pliers for hook removal, weight crimping, wire cutting and any other job that they can think of while others prefer a multi-tool with a variety of features. The same goes for packing a flashlight versus a headlamp.

Lighting, more than any other tool in the fisherman’s box, is necessary for safety. The best tool for you will be one that is dependable, compact and long lasting. In addition to more traditional flashlights, there are also fishing lights that can be plugged into your boat’s cigarette lighter and flexlights that can be clipped onto a hat or tacklebox. These LED flashlights are a great item to use for emergency backup or general lighting. 

Fishing lights, pliers and knives are tacklebox essentials for nearly all fishermen.  By using your own personal preference as a guide, but remaining open-minded toward new technology, you will certainly be able to find the best devices for your fishing trips.

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