Coast LED Headlamps Give Needed Light to Mercy Ships Engineers

Mercy Ships Engineer Uses COAST LED HeadlampCOAST Products has recently received new information from Mercy Ships’ representatives about recent use of the LED headlamps by the engineering crew on the Africa Mercy in Sierra Leone. It seems the ship engineers have been happy to have the hands-free headlamps for cleaning out the ship’s various water tanks.

The Mercy Ships’ engineers are using the COAST HL7 LED headlamps to clean out the bilge, ballast and fresh water tanks on the ship. These tanks range in size and shape, depending on where they are located on the ship but average between 200m³ and 360m³.

Prior to receiving the LED headlamps, the ship’s crew would light the tanks with portable sealed compact fluorescent lights. They would then use 2D incandescent flashlights as they moved in and out of the tanks and to light small spaced areas within the tank.

This system had its draw backs. For one, using a flashlight while moving in and around the tank opened the engineers up to safety concerns as they routinely had only one free hand to use. Also, the flashlights would get dropped and damaged as the tank was being cleaned, which would affect the run time and brightness of the flashlights. These flashlights had to be replaced often due to scratched lenses and internal damage.

Now the engineers are using the HL7 headlamp routinely as they clean the tanks. They plan to also use them to clean the fuel tanks in the future.

“The Marine Operations Deckies are very excited about the headlamps [COAST PRODUCTS] sent for evaluation. They normally use a single lamp hanging from the opening but this additional light is always shining where their eyes are working and MUCH appreciated,” said Mercy Ships representative, Tom Velnosky.

Mercy Ships was started in 1978 by Don and Deyon Stephens as an international charity with the primary mission of bringing hope and healing to the forgotten poor around the world. The organization operates hospital ships in developing nations where volunteers provide medical care and health education to those that need it most.

The COAST products staff is incredibly honored to have its flashlights be part of Mercy Ships’ efforts in Sierra Leone.

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