Coast LED Flashlights Aid Mercy Ships’ Eye Screening Team in Sierra Leone

Mercy Ships Eye Screening with Coast LED FlashlightCOAST Products has been excited to hear from Mercy Ships’ representatives the stories of how our LED flashlights and headlamps have helped their team working on the Africa Mercy in Sierra Leone.  One story we were incredibly moved to read was of the eye screening team.

The Mercy Ships’ Eye Screening team utilized the Coast G10 and A5 LED flashlights during a recent eye screening in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Mercy Ships was providing screening for cataracts during this visit.

Cataracts remain the leading cause of avoidable visual impairment in developing countries. This condition is estimated to affect 50% of the Sub-Saharan Africa population.  Mercy Ships has put a big emphasis on eye care and screening because the majority of these cases are curable and could be avoided by prevention and early treatment.

We were incredibly moved to receive the following feedback via email from John Foster, Eye Program Leader with Mercy Ships:

“After having field-tested the G10 and the A5 flashlights, we have found different and suitable jobs for both models. They have been a huge blessing to the eye team and by extension a large part of bringing hope and healing to the people of Sierra Leone. They are a critical part of our screening process, enabling us to check every person who comes to us for help. We will continue to use them.”

The Mercy Ships’ Eye Screening team has also been working with local groups to provide training and resource management to help them develop better eye care methods and reduce blindness in the nation.

The COAST products staff is incredibly honored to have its flashlights be part of Mercy Ships’ efforts to reduce blindness in Sierra Leone.

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One Response to “Coast LED Flashlights Aid Mercy Ships’ Eye Screening Team in Sierra Leone”

  1. Bethann Miller says:

    TO whom it may concern,

    I am a project corrdinator with Underwriters Labs, LTL testing in Allentown PA. it was very fun for me to read this new report, as I have been on both sides of this.
    I was a crew member with Mercy Ships for 10 years serving in West Africa and I have seen first had how the righful use of technology can change a life.
    thanks for all your hard work!

    Warm Regards,
    Bethann Miller

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