Coast H7 LED Headlamp Gets Rave Review on YouTube

Here at Coast, we get a lot of letters and emails from customers all over the globe praising our high-quality LED light and knife products. Recently, we had a review pop up in a very surprising place about one of our LED headlamps– YouTube! YouTube user #qwikslvr74, an avid outdoorsman, published a 5 minute review of our H7 Focusing Headlamp with VLT. Here’s what he had to say about some of the headlamp’s features.

1. VLT

“Let me tell you a little bit about variable light technology. It’s a dimmer switch. It’s a fancy name for a dimmer switch. But, it works. It’s a nice feature to have. If you don’t need a whole lot of light, dial it down. Run into a situation you need a little more light, crank it up. Lot of versatility with this.”

2. Beam Focus

“You can adjust it for a flood light and illuminate a wide area. If I’m out on a hike in the evening, hear something rustling around out in the woods or ahead on the trail, I can focus that beam down, get a lot more throw, and see what’s going on down the trail.”

3. Domestic Uses

“Around the house working on my car or truck or something. The way the evenings are now they’re getting shorter, I come home from work and there’s not a whole lot of light. I can strap this on my head and do any kind of work around the house I need and keep both hands free.”

4. Battery Life

“I’ve used this quite a bit. I don’t know how many hours I’ve had on it, but this is the first set of batteries, so the batteries have really held up.

5. Final Review

“That’s the Coast LED Lenser H7 Headlamp. It’s a cool little lamp and it works great. Maybe someone else will see this and get out there and get them one.”

An LED headlamp is a must for the outdoor enthusiast.

Coast H7 LED Headlamp Review

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