COAST Expands Line of High Performance LED Headlamps

In early May 2013, COAST premiered its latest LED headlamps, knives, lanterns, multi-tools and flashlights during the National Hardware Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Among the new LED headlamps are the HL8 and HL27, among the brightest, most comfortable and durable headlamps on the market.HL8 LED Headlamp

HL8 LED Headlamp

Perfect for DIY projects, the HL8 is one of the most feature-rich, high-powered headlamps designed for professional-level outdoor use and industrial applications. With COAST’s Pure Beam Focusing Optic system, this head-mounted torch can project either a flood or spotlight 344 lumens strong, using just four AA batteries. The rubber-sealed battery pack is water-resistant, and you can use the extended battery cord to attach the pack to your belt.

The HL8 has high and low output modes you can adjust with the Light Output Control Dial. The ANSI FL1 run time clocks in at more than 19 hours on the high output mode and 79 hours on the low mode. The Bullseye Spot Beam shines at a distance of 670 feet (207 meters), while the Ultra View Flood Beam gives you a broad and consistent pool of light. With an oversized power switch and a hinged bezel, the HL8 makes the beam simple to turn on and position as you see fit. The adjustable head strap ensures comfort.

HL27HL27 LED Headlamp

The HL27 features our patent-pending, simple-to-use Light Output Control Wheel behind the oversized power switch, making it easy to adjust the headlamp’s brightness even if you’re wearing gloves. The expandable Z-Cord, another COAST invention, lets the headlamp receive power from a battery pack. With the adjustable, removable headband, you receive the ultimate in comfort and reduced the risk of snagging.

The HL27 comes with our Pure Beam Focusing Optic system and offers 309 lumens of power that project 390 feet (120 meters). The headlamp runs on three AA batteries and has an ANSI FL1 battery run time of 3 hours and 45 minutes.

All of COAST’s LED headlamps are rated and tested to ANSI/FL1 standards. The LEDs are unbreakable, impact- and water-resistant, and backed by COAST’s lifetime guarantee.


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