5 Professions Which Prefer LED Flashlights

Certain occupations require certain tools. Surgeons need scalpels. Hair stylists need scissors. And many professionals, it turns out, need LED flashlights.

The quality and reliability of an LED flashlight has made it a favorite of many different professionals. The following are the top five occupations that use flashlights and some reasons why workers in each industry choose LEDs.

1.       Police/Security. Ask any night shift police officer and you’ll hear the same thing: A powerful, long-lasting LED flashlight is an essential tool for any law enforcement officer. The bright, clear beam and energy-efficiency means they get a top-of-the-line flashlight that will last.

2.       Firefighters. Any tool that a firefighter is going to use in the field needs to be tough, and nothing can last longer and absorb more wear-and-tear than LED flashlights. The bulbs are smaller, meaning the lights can feature more compact, tougher designs. High quality LED flashlights also feature lightweight aluminum casings, making them both durable and easy to carry along with tactical knives.

3.       Pest control. When you’re poking around a crawlspace, the last thing you want to have on you is a big, clunky flashlight .The compact nature of LED bulbs means you can get a brighter beam from a smaller device, making LED flashlights perfect for those whose job requires them to fit into a tight spot. For hands free use, LED headlamps are popular as well.

4.       Soldiers. Longevity is the top performance issue in this profession. Since supplies have to be shipped in, you want to make sure everything you have on you lasts for as long as possible. Along with their tactical knives, an LED flashlight is essential. LED flashlights require less battery power and last longer than traditional lights, making them perfect for combat situations.

5.       Search and Rescue. For this profession, distance is key. The beam distance for most LED flashlights is hundreds of feet, which helps search missions be more effective.

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