Why LED Flashlights Are a Wise Investment

Have you ever reached beneath a cabinet to pull out a flashlight, only to find that the one you’ve chosen just does not work? When flashlights were invented, they were wonderful to have around. Being able to have light in the palm of your hand was fantastic. People appreciated knowing that in times of peril or emergencies they would be able to make artificial light quickly. Flashlights became increasingly popular while camping, hiking, cave exploring, and just being in a car at night.

However, the technology of flashlights soon made its problems apparent. While a flashlight was great right after you got it, when the batteries were fresh and new, they seemed to get dim quickly. Batteries were never able to last very long, and even if the battery was still working, the older it got the dimmer the light would get. The traditional bulb wasn’t any better. Its life span was brief and it was easily broken. The light source often times was fairly faint, lacking the true brightness necessary to be useful for a number of extreme applications. It seemed that although the flashlight was a good invention, it had a long way to go.

The LED flashlight takes all of those things that you hate about regular flashlights and makes them better. For instance, when you are using LED technology, you will find that the batteries and bulbs last significantly longer. LED flashlights will run for up to 60 continuous hours on one set of regular batteries. The bulbs will also continue to put out light, even as it begins to lose functionality. This is a great advantage for many – you will know long before it stops turning on that you need to replace the bulb. This makes them great for inclusion in home emergency kits, survival equipment or in a car glove compartment.

Though long lifespan and battery efficiency is probably there greatest advantage, it is not the LED flashlights only benefit. They also put out a strong light, no matter how long they’ve been working. The latest white LED lights have been measured at 60x brighter than standard flashlight bulbs. The light will stay bright and strong and will remain so until the battery and bulb start to run low – after several hundred hours of continuous use.

The LED flashlights are also far and above more energy efficient. They take less battery power to run, which means they reduce the amount of batteries needed over time, thus reducing the pollution of our world with dead batteries. Many good quality LED flashlights come with rechargeable batteries making them that much more of a “green” alternative. It also makes them perfect for household emergencies.

People often gravitate towards the cheapest items available on the market. With today’s economy in flux, many want to know that the items they are buying are financially responsible. Investing in LED flashlights is something that makes financial sense. Because they will last over 10 times as long as a standard flashlight, both in terms of bulb life and battery life, these light sources will save you significant dollars over the long-term Why buy something eight times, when you can buy it once, and have it last?

LED Flashlights are longer lasting, more reliable, and also more durable. They are also better for the environment and are a practical investment. But these aren’t the only reasons that you should choose LED flashlights. You should choose them because the times in which you turn to flashlights are times in which you do not want to worry about losing the light. Whether you are taking your children camping or dealing with an emergency situation, you want to be sure that you have a flashlight that you can trust, each and every time.

~Ben Anton, 2008

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