4 Fun Camping Games to Play with LED Flashlights

We all know that a good fCamp Firelashlight or headlamp is essential to the camping experience. But flashlights are also useful for camping games! Next time you go camping, bring three to five LED flashlights or a couple of headlamps, and try some of the following games detailed below.

Flashlight Tag

# of players: 2 or more

# of flashlights: 1 or more

Flashlight tag is similar to regular tag, except that instead of tagging the other players with your hand, you tag them with the beam of light. All you need to get started is at least one LED flashlight and two or more players. One person is selected to start as “IT”. The “IT” person closes their eyes and waits while the other players hide. After waiting a few minutes, the “IT” player announces that the game has started and begins to look for the hiding players. When another player is tagged with the flashlight, they become IT. By the end of the game, the player who was tagged the least is declared winner. Make sure to set the boundaries of the hiding area and the game time limit before starting!


# of players: 4 or more

# of flashlights or headlamps: 1 or more

Spotlight is similar to Flashlight Tag, except that the goal is to tag ALL the players in order to win. The game works best when using a headlamp; with your hands free, you can spot people much easier and faster than with a handheld flashlight.

To start, choose one player to be the “warden”. He or she is in charge of the spotlight; everyone else is trying to avoid getting caught by the light. Next, choose an area that will be the jail. Make sure the jail is not too close to the warden but also not too far away. Each time a player is tagged by the warden’s spotlight, he or she must remain in the designated jail area near the warden.

If the warden tags all the players before time is up, the warden wins. To make things more difficult, players who are captured can assist the warden with additional flashlights or headlamps, making it easier to tag the remaining players. To make things less difficult, allow for jailbreaks—if someone can sneak into the jail and rescue another player, that player can rejoin the game. This game is best played in large numbers, the more the merrier!

Flashlight Limbo

# of players: 4 or more

# of flashlights: 2

Next up is flashlight limbo, a camping version of the famous dancing game. In order to form a strong beam of light that will act as the limbo pole, you will need at least two LED flashlights and four or more people. Two people will hold one flashlight each and form a concentrated beam across from one another. The other players form a line and try to limbo under the beam of light without touching the brightest part. The person who can go the lowest without falling down or touching the beam wins. Try setting up the flashlights with tables or chairs, then everyone can join the limbo line. It never hurts to have some of your favorite dance music playing in the background!

Shadow Charades


# of players: 4 or more

# of flashlights: 1

Charades can turn any party into an uproar of laughter. The same goes for shadow charades, a laugh out loud camping game. The setup is simple; all you need is one LED flashlight, a handful of players, a few pieces of paper, a pen or pencil, and a wall to project the shadow images onto. Tear the sheets of paper into a number of small pieces; write on them a number of animals or objects that can be formed with shadow images. Then, form two teams of two or more players each. Mix the pieces of paper up in a hat or bowl. As the game commences each team will take turns drawing from that hat. Each team has one player who forms the shadow images, while the other players try to guess them.  For each correct guess, the guessing team scores one point. The team with the most points wins!

This is just a small sample of the more popular and interesting camping games that people have come up with since the invention of the flashlight. Enhance your next camping party with some of these variations on traditional outdoor games. Just remember to have fun and bring extra batteries!

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